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Complaint Tracking/Code Enforcement is an exciting new product designed specifically as a citizen complaint tracking system for municipal governments. Complaint Tracking/Code Enforcement tracks incoming calls, actions taken in the process of resolving an incident, and prints letters. Additionally, statistical data is stored to provide valuable information for department heads, administrators, and elected officials.

Complaint Tracking/Code Enforcement shares a common Contact File and Property File with other Incode Customer Service applications, including: Utility CIS, Service Orders, Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable, Building Permits & Inspections, and Business License. This allows Incode cliental who already have our customer service applications to view all areas of contact between the City and its citizens on one screen.

Citizen Complaints are Tracked and Managed as “Incidents”

Every call from a citizen may be tracked in Complaint Tracking/Code Enforcement as an “incident”. Actions taken to resolve the incident are tracked as “tasks”. An incident may have an unlimited number of tasks associated with it through the resolution process. A resolution can be as simple as logging a complaint and closing the incident, or as complicated as tracking an incident through several departments, various tasks, creating letters, scheduling future tasks, and eventually closing the incident. With Complaint Tracking/Code Enforcement, nothing falls through the cracks. All appropriate personnel stay on top of citizen requests and complaints.

Complaints Are Easily Associated to Contacts and/or Addresses.

Since Complaint Tracking/Code Enforcement features comprehensive “contact” and “property” databases, complaints are easily associated to the appropriate citizen or piece of property within the city without having to re-enter contact and property information. If you want to know how many complaints you have received from a citizen during the last three months, or how many complaints you have received about the bush on the corner of 8th & Main, or how many citizens have logged opinions against the sales tax increase, Complaint Tracking/Code Enforcement has the answer with a few clicks of the mouse.

Comprehensive Statistical Reporting

Information systems are meaningless if the information you are seeking is difficult to obtain. With Complaint Tracking/Code Enforcement, you are provided with numerous standard reports. Each report offers user-defined parameters that help you obtain the information you need from the system. In addition to standard reports, you can access Complaint Tracking/Code Enforcement’s database using an ODBC interface. This allows you to create spreadsheets or queries with third-party software packages such as Microsoft ExcelTM, AccessTM, and Lotus 123TM. Your ability to create reports, graphs, and queries is limited only by your imagination.

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