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The Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable module provides a comprehensive system for creating and maintaining all pertinent information necessary to record and track customer data and balances. Customer classes may be established for creating and accounting for different types of fees, such as ambulance, golf memberships, airport hanger rental, etc. The Accounts Receivable module is a component of the Customer Information System product suite that shares common contact and property files.

The system provides the ability to generate generic, user-defined invoices that are then passed as unpaid items to the Accounts Receivable system. It also, provides a detailed history for each account, including a detailed transaction history and aging balances. Perpetual or fixed length/amount contracts for recurring charge generation may be set up in the system. These recurring charges may be posted as unpaid items directly to the Accounts Receivable system for item and payment processing.

Open items may be posted directly to the Accounts Receivable system if there is no need for an invoice generation process. The system provides the ability to enter and, optionally, apply payments and credit memos on-line. Open items are kept on-line until paid, items can be purged based on a user-defined period of time. Finance charges may be calculated and posted on a monthly basis. On-line account inquiry may be accessed by account number or by customer name lookup. All customer information is displayed on paid and/or unpaid items in a summary or detail format.

Statement processing allows for various combinations of detail, from balance forward and summary formats to all transaction detail. These parameters are defined at the account level.

The system interfaces with INCODE’s General Ledger, Central Cash Collection, EMS Billing, Permits and Inspections, Cemetery Records, and Business License modules.