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A full ERP system designed by Incode for government & public administration and utilities companies.
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InVision is INCODE’s new suite of 32 bit Windows-based software applications. InVision provides a Microsoft Windows compliant user interface. InVision’s GUI makes navigation in the software almost second nature for experienced Windows users. The GUI makes use of pull down list boxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, tab controls and other user interface conventions familiar to Windows users. InVision’s GUI allows users to navigate the software with a mouse or keyboard. You are not forced to constantly move back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse. InVision also provides the option to utilize a client-server environment.

Exciting Features that will make Your Job Easier! Three examples of features available with InVision are: Drill-Down, Report Previewer, and Executive View features.

The Drill-Down feature provides the ability to simply click on a data item in a grid and drill down to the source document or data. An example of this capability is in the General Ledger Account Inquiry program. If you are displaying detailed transactions from a specified account on the screen, by simply clicking on a PO number in a transaction, InVision opens a window displaying the PO, which originated the transaction. The same can be done for vendor, check, journal entry, etc. You can easily drill down to source documents for any transaction. This Drill-Down function is available throughout all of the InVision applications.

Report Previewer provides new features that will save you time and money. Report Manager is a professional report previewer that allows the user to preview a report on the screen. You may easily move through the report using a scroll bar or page-up, page-down, go-to-end, and go-to-start navigation buttons. You may also choose a specific page number or use a text search feature to find specific text, account numbers, dollar amounts, etc. in a report. Report Manager provides the ability to choose fonts and font sizes, italicize, bold text, etc. When you have completed previewing the report you may choose to print it, or if your network software is configured properly, you may fax or e-mail the report to other users in the office or to remote sites over the Internet.

The most valuable new feature is Report Manager’s archiving capability. Reports you currently print and file for future reference may now be previewed, and then archived. The archive feature allows you to predefine a directory on the server where archived reports will be saved. When saving the report, Report Manager gives you the ability to easily index the report and save it to the appropriate folder. Think of all the paper, file folders, filing cabinets, and file rooms that will no longer be necessary. Simply preview the report, archive it, and if you ever want to see it again you can retrieve it with a few clicks of the mouse. Once the report is retrieved, Report Manager displays it on the screen in its original format and gives you the additional options to print, fax, or e-mail the report.

Executive View provides graphic representations of INCODE data to help with management decisions. Just click on the appropriate button and InVision displays predefined charts and graphs to help you with day-to-day decisions. InVision also provides the option to easily export data into Microsoft Excel.

Global Features:

  • ODBC Interface
  • An ODBC link is available to provide access to INCODE’s data from ODBC-compliant third-party software packages such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc.
  • INCODE’s Screen Maker and Retrieval Tool provide the ability to create user-defined data fields in the software. SMART may be used with many INCODE software modules. ODBC compliant products such as, MS Access may be used to create reports which, encompasses SMART data fields.

Hardware Requirements for InVision:

Clients/Work Stations Being a true GUI product, InVision does not support ASCII (dumb) terminals. All clients/workstations must be PC’s running 32bit Operating Systems (Windows-98, Windows NT or Windows 2000). The minimum recommended workstation is a Pentium with 32mb of RAM, hard drive, and a color monitor supporting 1024 X 760 resolution. The preferred PC configuration is the fastest Pentium processor affordable with 96mb RAM running a Windows NT/2000 workstation.

File Servers The file server should be an Intel-based PC certified to run Windows NT. Please consult with your INCODE sales representative to discuss, which configuration will best meet the needs of your particular situation. INCODE is an IBM Business Partner and offers IBM’s high quality Netfinity file servers. The availability of operating system support and on-site hardware maintenance for file servers is essential to your operations. INCODE offers several levels of remote network and operating system support plans. The file servers may be placed under 24 hours per day, seven days per week on-site maintenance with IBM. Contact INCODE for help in configuring a server to meet your current and future needs.

Network Requirements All PC client/workstations must be connected to the file server in an Ethernet topology. Although 10MB cards and hubs are acceptable, 100mb network cards and 100mb switches are highly recommended. For more detailed information about network cards, hubs, and switches, please contact your INCODE sales representative.

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