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Introducing Utility Billing On-Line a new product from INCODE, which allows citizen access to certain utility information via the Internet. Through secured and non-secured areas, your citizens can gain access to a location’s legal description, flood plain information, average consumption, transaction history and other information. A citizen can even pay their utility bill online, using a credit card. All of this is city defined so you decide what the City will grant access to.

How it works - Each day, your city would send a data file from the Utility System to INCODE. We would then transfer this information to our Internet server. By separating the information this way, your network is not in jeopardy of a security breach through the Internet.

If your City already has a web site, a simple link would send the citizen to the Utility Billing On-Line section, which would be hosted at INCODE. If you were using INCODE’s InSite services (see InSite information) both sections of your web site would be hosted by INCODE.

General Unsecured Access - In most cases the City will choose to publish some data for each location, which is not considered private. This information could include, consumption history, a location’s lot and block number, subdivision, and precinct or school zone. If in your system you maintain other information, such as flood plain information, this could also be published. Each City will determine what information to publish in this section. The purpose of the information would be to help reduce the number of general information telephone calls received.

Secured Access - In addition to general access, Utility Billing On-Line provides for a secured section. In this secured section, the City may choose to provide detailed information about an account to the account holder.

Once an account holder logs into the secured section, Utility Billing On-Line Can provide:

  • Financial Information (Current Due, Last Payment, Amount Past Due, Contract Information etc.)
  • Transaction Information (with copies of statements)
  • Address Information
  • Consumption Information (with comparisons to like accounts and graphing)

Additionally, Utility Billing On-Line can accept requests for service (as defined by the City) and requests for account changes. When a citizen makes a request over the Internet, an automated e-mail is sent to the citizen thanking them for the request. Requests can then be integrated to the Work Order system (if owned) or set aside for action by City.

Summary - Utility Billing On-Line is another key product in INCODE’s complete, end-to-end solution for your City. We think you’ll agree that at INCODE we have everything it takes to run a city!

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