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Court-Online provides the ability for municipal court fines to be paid by credit card or electronic check via the Internet.

Court-Online not only offers payments of fines on the Internet, but has several other features as well. Since it was designed by INCODE, this system interfaces seamlessly with INCODE’s InCourt Municipal Court System. There is no need for a special interface to be created between various companies. Court-Online will interact with InCourt eliminating the complexity and potential problems of dealing with exported data to a third party.

If your Court or City has an existing Web site, a link to Court-Online can be added to it creating a direct link to Court-Online. If you do not have an existing Web site and have no desire to implement one, defendants can access Court-Online directly to pay fines. INCODE is available to help your Court create a presence on the Internet utilizing INCODE’s new Internet publishing product InSite, designed specifically for cities.

INCODE is compensated for this service by adding a convenience fee to a transaction when the customer elects to pay the fine via the Internet with a credit card or electronic check and a small monthly fee for site maintenance and support.

Court-Online instantly emails payment notification to connected Courts and Courts may choose to have the Court-Online system automatically update their InCourt software as fines are paid. Your Court must have access to email in real time or be able to check email periodically throughout the day. Additional features we plan to offer, as options of the Court-Online product will be secure, and include:

  • Attorney’s Outstanding Case Inquiry: This feature will allow an attorney to log in with a password over the Internet and get a list of all of his/her pending cases, trial dates, etc. Your Court may also choose to allow attorneys the opportunity to register themselves as the attorney of record on court cases.
  • Officer’s Docket Inquiry: This feature will allow the city’s police officers to view the court calendar displaying days in which the officer is scheduled to be in court.

Judge’s Court Docket Inquiry: This feature will allow the judge to view the upcoming court docket

These optional services come as a package and are provided at a small fee to your Court on a per citation basis as entered into the InCourt system. Please contact your INCODE representative for additional pricing information.

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