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impac Systems

A developer of business management software.

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IMPAC Systems is a software developer, sales and technical services company providing sales quoting and estimating software solutions to the commercial and industrial market. IMPAC is the developer of ProQuote, a new generation of software designed to help businesses simplify price list management and streamline their sales quotation process.

As a service oriented company, IMPAC specializes in helping corporations across North America to implement “Tailor Fit Solutions” that simplify work and maximize productivity. Using an extremely flexible and customizable design, ProQuote can adapt to a wide range of industries and business needs. To help our customers achieve their specific business goals, IMPAC’s Product Services Team customizes ProQuote and integrates it with other business applications.

IMPAC’s client base includes growth-oriented medium and large size companies including manufacturers, scientific & engineering firms, construction, distribution, medical, instrumentation and electrical and industrial equipment suppliers.

IMPAC provides quality products and a full range of professional services and on-going support that consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations. IMPAC continues to invest in new products demonstrated by the recent release of ProQuote On-line. ProQuote On-line is a web services e-business application that elevates customer service and productivity to a whole new level.

IMPAC has a proven track record and a wealth of experience in the development, consulting and implementation of sales-oriented software solutions.

Product Lines

  • ProQuote

    A sales force automation application designed by impac Systems.

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