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Intelligent Patient Acquisition

ImagineMarketing™ offers a central system for creating and monitoring marketing campaigns to increase patient acquisition. Simplify the marketing process to successfully reach and engage patients and prospects with measurable results! ImagineMarketing | Patient Acquisition Customize target lists from existing system data or additional sources, including potential prospects, then implement a campaign and tag events within the campaign at both the list and contact level. Advanced metrics and reporting show how successful your efforts are, by tracking measurable results that link directly to revenue.

Get Clear Visibility Of Your Current And Target Markets

Uniquely developed and available only from Imagine, the module also includes a custom Geographic Information System (GIS), overlaying existing Imagine data (current patient and referring doctor information) with Medicare and Census data to visually show market share and potential referring doctor locations on a region-specific map. This component truly allows groups to monitor marketable areas and target where marketing dollars should be concentrated to provide the most return on investment.

Benefits of ImagineMarketing™

  • Directly link marketing activities to practice revenues
  • Ability to target referring physicians
  • Comprehensive system that covers various aspects of inbound and outbound marketing
  • Automate the follow-up process
  • Precise and effective, providing key metrics and analytics
  • Creates unification and helps standardize communications to ensure brand consistency

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"ImagineMarketing" is part of the Imagine Medical Practice Manager line of products, developed by ImagineSoftware.

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