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Predictive Analytics

ImagineLogic™ provides a central location to view current billing analytics and assess possible underperforming areas. Its patent-pending technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Imagine Suite. ImagineLogic | Predictive Analytics Easy to use, the targeted approach of Logic cuts out additional research by identifying and honing in on system components, allowing users to simplify the troubleshooting process while providing fast, efficient solutions and suggestions for improvement.

Proactive Monitoring For Simple Decision Making

By continually assessing the health of your billing system, Logic alerts administrators to different areas within Imagine that are strong, as well as those currently experiencing changes, then drills down to highlight each component involved while outlining specific actions to prevent any issues from escalating. Logic also offers predictions for future problems that might occur based on present trending patterns.

Benefits of ImagineLogic

  • Locate occurring changes in real time
  • Drill down with one click to view all affected areas
  • Outline the recommended steps to resolve issues
  • Predict future trends, allowing for proactive decisions

Other Applications

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"ImagineLogic" is part of the Imagine Medical Practice Manager line of products, developed by ImagineSoftware.

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