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Revenue Cycle Management

The ImagineAppliance™ takes medical billing to the next level with hands-free automation of many billing activities, eliminating routine and time-consuming manual work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your business needs.

Designed to automate the billing and revenue cycle management processes such that little to no human intervention is needed for a vast majority of the billing workflow, the ImagineAppliance™ provides flexible set-up, easy-to-use navigation, and detailed logging of each action performed.

Let The ImagineAppliance™ Work For You To Reduce The Claim Lifecycle

Just as user-friendly as it is efficient, utilize the ImagineAppliance™ to automate general file transfer and management functions of your billing enterprise through automated timers and natural language processing, decreasing the overall human steps necessary in the billing process, including the acquisition of demographics and charges, coding of charges, checking against payer rules, and submitting for payment.

Benefits of the ImagineAppliance™

  • Flexible set-up and schedules
  • Real-time data validation
  • Auto-coding and charge posting
  • Hands-free claims generation and submission
  • Automatic electronic remittance
  • Rules driven and practice specific
  • Minimal exception handling
  • Auto-submission to third parties
  • Single and multi-job specification

Other Applications

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"ImagineAppliance" is part of the Imagine Medical Practice Manager line of products, developed by ImagineSoftware.

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