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A developer of business management software.

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ImageTag, Inc. develops KwikTag document imaging software, an innovative digital solution for connecting people, process and paper. KwikTag is an enterprise-level, business-critical solution that streamlines the paper-intensive business activities associated with Microsoft Dynamics.

KwikTag is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics applications, making it easy to digitally file, retrieve and share documents within a department or across the entire organization. Its process and capture method is so unique that these innovations are protected by six US patents, and numerous foreign patents. An intellectual company, ImageTag is also maintains dozens of registered trademarks.

ImageTag is a Microsoft Gold-Certified ISV and employs a team of Microsoft-Certified developers. In 2008, ImageTag was the recipient of the prestigious Inc. 5000 award and was named a finalist by Microsoft for its Partner of the Year Award in Innovation. ImageTag was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Chandler, AZ.

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