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IFS/Make | Configure | Assemble to Order™ manages and simplifies production to order, from advanced MTO to simple ATO, and for order-unique design as well as characteristics-based configuration and standard products. Based on the Seiban philosophy, it supports full-level pegging to any user-definable structure level together with a partial MRP calculation. The pegging is utilized for actual costing, progress monitoring and up- or downstream propagation of changes in supply and demand, in dates or in quantities. Combined with IFS/Constraint-Based Scheduling, full APS functionality with both material and capacity constraints is supported. For configured products, a hierarchical structure allows you to define configured products that consist of other configured products on many levels. The structure and routings for each specific case are then calculated based on defined configuration rules and given characteristics for the actual order. Unique order structures, with unique routings, can also be created and maintained based on standard BOMs/routings or custom engineering. The structures can be reused and graphically compared to standard or other unique order structures. Order promising functionality helps determine when the finished product will be ready, based on prevailing conditions.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Make | Configure | Assemble to Order:

"Make | Configure | Assemble to Order" is part of the IFS Applications line of products, developed by IFS North America.