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IFS/Customer Orders™ effectively handles customer orders at one or more locations, including picking and distribution with user-defined order flows. IFS/Customer Orders suits both companies with single-site operations and diversified multi-site enterprises. Full multi-site interoperability and global sourcing are available without add-on components. Deliveries can be handled order based or consolidated in shipments. This is a fundamental component of the IFS Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution.

Configure-to-order (CTO), multi-site, multi-level capability check, i.e. enhanced capable-to-promise (CTP), available-to-promise (ATP), and return material authorization (RMA) functionalities, are included. The component provides advanced pricing options for your business, e.g., extensive price list handling, customer agreements, and consolidated group accounts.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Customer Orders:

"Customer Orders" is part of the IFS Applications line of products, developed by IFS North America.