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The PlusFund Purchase Order and Accounts Payable additions provide control and accounting for financial obligations from the time a purchase request is submitted until the vendor payment is completed. Funds may have an administrative commitment or be encumbered, with budget availability verified at the point of original entry.

Features include

  • A multi-step approval process for purchase requests to become an approved Purchase Order. Purchasing requests are entered at the department level, with budget availability verified, and contracts checked. The unissued Purchase Order is then directed through a multi-step review and approval process until it is finalized, and ready for issue. All of the review levels and authority are in a user-defined table and under your complete control.

  • Recording of Encumbrances in detail in the month the Purchases Order is issued. Changes, additions and deletions are also maintained to keep an accurate balance of funds encumbered.
  • Encumbrances are automatically liquidated, in part or in full, as vouchers for payment are entered.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Encumbrance Accounting:

  • Fund Accounting
  • Grant/Project/Program Accounting
  • On-line Budgetary Control

"Encumbrance Accounting" is part of the PlusFund line of products, developed by Information Development Consultants.

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