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A full ERP system designed by Information Development Consultants for government & public administration companies.
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This product has been acquired by Aptean and rebranded to 4-Gov Fund Accounting, as part of the Aptean acquisition of Consona Corporation and CDC Software.

The acquisition brings together 32 product lines in ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, eCommerce, supply chain, and public sector. Key product lines include 4-Gov Fund Accounting, Catalyst WMS, Compiere, Ecompix, IMI Supply Chain, Intuitive ERP, Knova KM, Made2Manage, MarketFirst Market Automation, Onyx CRM, Pivotal, Ross, Saratoga, and Trade Beam GTM.

“Aptean Six Months After The CDC Software And Consona Merger.” SoftwareInsider.org.

4Gov® is iDC’s WEB new based solution - powerful, easy-to-use integrated application suites that local governments, agencies and not-for-profits can use to allocate and manage their financial resources. 4Gov is based on iDC’s proven, award winning DILOG® Financial Management System.

iDC clients include cities, towns, counties, state agencies, park districts, school districts, airports, social service agencies, legislative and judicial agencies, housing authorities, churches, U.S. Territories and Commonwealths and National Governments.

For your IT department, the 4Gov solution can be structured one of two different ways, each providing their own benefits:

  • In an in-house Intranet model where WEB Browser based Users/Clients access a NT or UNIX based Server at your location.
  • In an Application Service Provider (ASP) model where the 4Gov software resides at a secure, IBM colocation center, and Users sign-on to the Internet for access.

Popular Functionality Modules

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Citizen Request Management Provides a centralized resource to efficiently manage citizen requests through multiple communication channels - phone, email, walk-up or web. CRM allows consistuents to find…

Mini Systems Local Ordinances mandate the billing and collection of many fees. These fees may be for services rendered on an as needed basis. Ambulance billing and insurance billing for…

Human Resources Management Adds a flexible repository of virtually an infinite range of data useful to today’s human resource professionals as they manage recruiting, performance, career training…

GLPlus Fund Accounting is at the center of the 4gov applications. This module incorporates the general ledger functions with program, grant, and project accounting for any fiscal…

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