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A full ERP system designed by Information Development Consultants for government & public administration companies.
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This product has been acquired by Aptean and rebranded to 4-Gov Fund Accounting, as part of the Aptean acquisition of Consona Corporation and CDC Software.

The acquisition brings together 32 product lines in ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, eCommerce, supply chain, and public sector. Key product lines include 4-Gov Fund Accounting, Catalyst WMS, Compiere, Ecompix, IMI Supply Chain, Intuitive ERP, Knova KM, Made2Manage, MarketFirst Market Automation, Onyx CRM, Pivotal, Ross, Saratoga, and Trade Beam GTM.

“Aptean Six Months After The CDC Software And Consona Merger.” SoftwareInsider.org.

4Gov® is iDC’s WEB new based solution - powerful, easy-to-use integrated application suites that local governments, agencies and not-for-profits can use to allocate and manage their financial resources. 4Gov is based on iDC’s proven, award winning DILOG® Financial Management System.

iDC clients include cities, towns, counties, state agencies, park districts, school districts, airports, social service agencies, legislative and judicial agencies, housing authorities, churches, U.S. Territories and Commonwealths and National Governments.

For your IT department, the 4Gov solution can be structured one of two different ways, each providing their own benefits:

  • In an in-house Intranet model where WEB Browser based Users/Clients access a NT or UNIX based Server at your location.
  • In an Application Service Provider (ASP) model where the 4Gov software resides at a secure, IBM colocation center, and Users sign-on to the Internet for access.

4govĀ© WEB Reporting

iDC’s Print Server for in-house( Intranet) and Internet document management. This software and hardware solution manages the printing of reports (ADOBE, excel, WORD); custom forms complete with secured signatures, logos, OCR check fonts; and faxing of forms. The server is maintained on your site and connects directly into your network with 4gov modules preparing and transferring the documents you request.

Accounts Payable and Purchasing (CAPPS)

Monitors all purchases from initial requisition to final payment. Vendor history is maintained, purchase orders are produced, encumbrances are created and liquidated, cash requirements are monitored, vouchers and checks are printed, and bank reconciliation is handled automatically through the system.

Accounts Receivable and Billing

Complete and accurate record of money owed to a government entity by an individual or company is maintained within categories — such as:

  • Business licenses
  • Dog licenses
  • Tenant bills
  • Miscellaneous services
  • Public works repairs

Invoices, late notices, aging reports and customer inquiries are provided. Payments can be through the iDC ePAY internet processing module.

Budget Preparation

On-line development and presentation of budgets originate at the budgeting organization or with central accounting. Personal services budgets and revenue and expenditure budgets are developed from history or direct entry. These proceed in stages from the initial request through the reviews, modifications, and approvals that culminate with the adopted budget. Budgets may be prepared on both a line item and a program basis. Budget history is maintained, work sheets can be printed, and a simulation module answers “what-if” questions. Five years of history and a ten year forecast aid in budget development.

Cash Receipts

Recording of payments from multiple sources is how Cash Receipts is designed to function. Payments can be by entry of a payment receipt, a back office operation, lock box, iDC ePAY internet collections, as well as interfaces from other applications. Payments are balanced, edited, and processed according to “rules” predefined by payment type. A direct interface the GLPlus and iDC AR/Billing applications automates the posting of payments to other applications.


Central Name & Address application allows government agencies to share names and addresses of residents, businesses, and property owners from a single, centralized database. Based on the property number or key identification, any name and address may be coordinated so that all of the information about a physical location is known. This database may be shared by all applications or used as a series of separate databases; it may even exist as a stand-alone system. It is an integral part of the AR/Billing, Utility Billing, and Mini Systems.

Citizen Request Management

Provides a centralized resource to efficiently manage citizen requests through multiple communication channels - phone, email, walk-up or web. CRM allows consistuents to find answers to questions with a self-learning, searchable knowledgebase, freeing up your staff resources for other projects. Configuration and customization is self-administered without the need for any programming - your knowledgebase grows with your community. With the addition of the Work Order module, citizen requests can be instantly routed to departments for completion and integrated with all other facets of the 4gov financial solution.


On-line service delivery has never been more important and governments are recognizing the benefits of migrating paper-based and face-to-face services to the Internet. These services must be citizen focused, cost effective, and easy to use. Our ePAY and Citizen Request Management modules provide eGovernment solutions leading to a more accountable and open government.


Empowers citizens and businesses to pay government bills over a secure Internet connection with a debit to a bank account or with a credit card. Anywhere, anytime payment processing is available with ePAY. Utility Bills, Parking Tickets, Animal Licenses, Vehicle Stickers, and other types of payments that the agency authorizes can be paid on-line. Customers can view their current bill and historical data by using their logon/password while being protected by the Verisign® lock security system.

Fixed Asset Record Management

GASB 34 requires government and not-for-profit agencies to record and track their major assets – such as buildings, roads, operational plants, etc. The iDC software fulfills these new requirements with complete functions for tracking the acquisition, depreciation, and retirement of capital assets. Inventory equipment lists, insurance carrier lists, physical inventory count list, Statement of Changes in Fixed Assets, GASB 34 compliance, and full interface to the GL and CAPPS are provided.


Fund Accounting is at the center of the 4gov applications. This module incorporates the general ledger functions with program, grant, and project accounting for any fiscal year(s). Cost allocation for distributing charges to other departments or billing to outside firms and agencies, and statistical data for performance measurements are part of the Financial and Management Accounting Module. A full range of inquiries and reports provides comparison of actual to budget and encumbrances. CAFR data is also available with the click of a mouse.

Human Resources Management

Adds a flexible repository of virtually an infinite range of data useful to today’s human resource professionals as they manage recruiting, performance, career training and development, promotion, and the other varied responsibilities unique to their own business environment. Career events, position/salary changes, training, certifications, medical and other user-defined information can be tracked for the career life cycle of an employee.

Inventory Management

Allows an organization to maintain accurate records of receipts, issues, costs, and physical inventory of consumable goods. Goods are retrieved by warehouse and commodity, pick lists are created, and all the necessary fund/account transactions are created for interface to the financial ledgers.

Mini Systems

Local Ordinances mandate the billing and collection of many fees. These fees may be for services rendered on an as needed basis. Ambulance billing and insurance billing for damages to city property, are such items. Other fees are periodic and based on licensing requirements such as vehicle and animal licensing. Still other fees are collected for violations, such as parking tickets and alarm billing. The 4gov Accounts Receivable and Billing application can handle many of these requirements. When there are more detailed rules, regulations, and informational needs are required, special computer applications are essential. We have named these the iDC Mini-Systems. The current mini-systems include Animal Licensing, Parking Tickets/Violation Tracking, Vehicle Stickers, Alarm Billing.


Provides all of the required functions of a complex governmental payroll, with added extra features for position control and labor distribution as well as interfaces to the GL. The personnel component complements the employee databases with skills inventory, education, medical, special certification, and job related history.


Departmental control of requisitions can be from the initial request through final approval. The requisition is routed for approval based on rules or parameters such as individual, department, commodity, dollar value, etc. E-mail triggers a notification that a requisition is pending approval. Approved requisitions automatically become purchase orders or are routed to the appropriate buyer/agent.

Utility Billing and Collection

Centralizes all account history, billing, and collection functions and integrates the accounting functions of a government-operated utility. With features like: interfacing with hand-held meter reading systems for billing; Work Orders for repairs; lock box collection; ePAY via the Internet for citizen payments; and outsourced printing of bills, the system is complete and easy to use.

Work Orders

Any time an organization needs to handle an emergency repair, schedule preventative maintenance or handle the day-to-day requests for services, the Work Order System takes care of it. Services can be scheduled for equipment, vehicles, buildings – anything that might need to be tracked, maintained, or repaired. A Work Order can also be prepared for Utility Repairs and for Citizen Requests initiated via the Internet.

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