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Utilizing the power of Windows-based Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices and portable infrared printers, the ICS In-Cab System brings a different dimension to the roles of product deliveries and sales from distribution vehicles.

The In-cab system permits the capture of actual on-shelf sales, thus allowing trend analysis and replenishment prediction. Such accurate forecasting ensures that an optimum stock balance is achieved, thus avoiding both stock-outs and wastage. The system also automates in-cab paperwork, thus eliminating laborious written dockets. Acceptance of an on-screen signature, a key feature of the system, is provided as proof of delivery. This can then be printed on a signed delivery docket and an electronic copy transmitted back to the central system for automatic filing.

Such automation at the point of activity removes the need for the keying of orders and amendments to orders in the administration office. Further automation is provided when the central system passes down pricing and promotional information to the mobile device and in return receives details of cash, credit sales and payments received.

The In-cab system gives significant financial and operational benefits, whilst at the same time making the sales job easier and more satisfying by eliminating tedious paperwork, calculations and stock reconciliation for the salesperson.

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"In-Cab Computing for Sales Distribution" is part of the Mobile Computing line of products, developed by ICS Computing.

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