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Customer Database

Market-master telesales holds both accounting and telesales-specific information in order to automate a calling cycle. Each customer record holds details of calling frequency, preferred called days and time, and assigned telesales person.

Call Schedules

All call schedules are calculated automatically by the system, with facilities for manual adjustment to allow for holidays , sickness etc. Each call is prompted in sequence and may be actioned or re-scheduled.

Call Preparation

Full history of previous comments and of buying patterns may be examined to plan for sales calls. Credit control information and promotional message prompts complete the picture for a professional targeted sale.

Order Recording

Successful sales may be entered either directly into the Telesales system or to a parallel Sales Order Processing system.

Management Information

Full call allocations per sales person and hit rates, together with value and profitability of sales achieved may be displayed at any time for instant feedback. Cumulative sales for the day and week are built up and displayed against targets given per day to each sales person.

Other Applications

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"Telesales" is part of the ICSConnect line of products, developed by ICS Computing.

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