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Real-time Information

DTX Nominal is integrated in real-time with its subsidiary ledgers. Unlike many “single ledger“ systems, this is achieved without compromising the individual flexibility of your sales and purchasing systems.

Coding Structure

DTX allows a completely flexible chart of accounts to be defined to suit either a very simple, or highly sophisticated, reporting structure. For reporting purposes, however, each of the nominal accounts may be grouped and summarized in a variety of ways to meet the levels of detail needed. These groupings can be changed as required at any time without any impact of the running of the live system. In addition, up to 10 additional user-defined analysis codes can be attached to any transaction.


The majority of Nominal Ledger transactions should appear automatically from their respective source systems. DTX, however, also provides automation for some more unusual automatic transactions, such as automatically accruing for rebates which are payable to customers or receivable from suppliers. In each case the subsidiary system has rules for calculating and storing the rebates due, and interfaces the value to the Nominal Ledger. Transactions that are repetitive can be automated using a ”Fixed Postings“ facility. Transactions that are temporary can be flagged and will be automatically reversed in the following period.

Quantity Handling

For companies who can measure their performance in terms of quantity throughput, DTX offers powerful quantity manipulation for sophisticated unit cost reporting. As an example, a fuel, quarry or animal feed which can measure throughput in tonnes, can use their tonnage throughput to express costs in terms of that throughput. Typically fleet costs might be expressed in pounds per tonne delivered within a branch, while overhead costs expressed in terms of total tonnage sold.

Budgets and Forecasts

DTX allows up to 26 revisions of budget figures during any year. Budgets may be created in advance, and previous year budget figures maintained. Each set of budgets can hold both values and quantities, allowing the concept of actual cost per unit against budgeted cost per unit.


Nominal Ledger enquiries allow drilling from each account balance, to its transactions - both current and historic. Each transaction can then be drilled to see the source record in the subsidiary ledger it came from. Data displayed at this level will include the customer/ supplier, value, currency, date and time posted, operator, analysis information and full Nominal Analysis - the Nominal accounts to which other aspects of the same transaction were posted. Sales and Purchase invoice transactions can be further exploded to see the full product and delivery details, including those such as rebates and costs that may not have been printed on the invoice.

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"Nominal Ledgers" is part of the ICSConnect line of products, developed by ICS Computing.

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