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In the current economic climate, organizations must be able to control their costs in every aspect of their operations. One way in which this can be achieved is by ensuring that employees are paid correctly - but only for the work performed.

Traditional methods of recording an employee’s time at work, such as clock cards and time sheets, are time consuming in the effort required to administer, and are subject to calculation errors which can be very difficult to identify. Even when the evaluated hours have been calculated correctly, this information has to be re-entered into the Payroll System to enable the processing of each employee’s pay.

There is an alternative method however, in the form of the uniPims Time and Attendance System, which is designed to meet the growing needs for organizations to effectively deploy their resources and more importantly, control their costs. UniPims Time and Attendance is a comprehensive time recording and attendance management package, providing a wide range of facilities to record, maintain and report on employee attendance information. It has been designed in a modular format and provides facilities for: Company Administration and Control, Employee Maintenance and Control, Analysis and Reporting and System Security. UniPims T & A is the most powerful and flexible system of its kind and provides comprehensive management reporting on the key areas of cost and manpower utilisation.

Fully integrated with other system modules, the uniPims T & A System combines the control of managing staff working on shifts, with tight security.

Key Features

  • Automatic Polling of Time Clocks
  • Automatic processing of time clock data at user specified intervals
  • Automatic allocation of time clock data to individuals’ shift patterns
  • All clockings may be manually corrected and re-processed
  • The system caters for absence
  • Processed hours can automatically be fed through to payroll
  • A full set of reports and enquiries are available
  • Most shift patterns are supported
  • Overtime is automatically handled
  • Fully integrated with all uniPims modules
  • Comprehensive security system within T & A allows for complete control and audit tracking of all activity within the system

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"Time and Attendance" is part of the Human Resources line of products, developed by ICS Computing.

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