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With the increasing cost now associated with developing and maintaining an effective workforce, reducing non-holiday absence is a common goal of business today. The Absence Module with the personnel system provides all the necessary information for the reporting of employee absences, as well as the ability to analyze reasons and identify trends.

General employee information such as sickness and holiday details is complemented with absence categories, absence types and absence reasons, to provide a complete and accurate picture of an employee’s absence history. As the absence history builds up over time, the company can look and analyze trends, thus enabling greater forecasting and scheduling of work. Holiday details are maintained separately from other absences to enable holiday tracking and scheduling to be performed separate from the unscheduled absence tracking.

The Absence Module is also linked to the Payroll Management System, thus allowing absence information to be integrated with payroll information, for transmission to the ICS payroll service. The integrated approach means that elements of absence, such as holiday-to-date and sickness-to-date can appear on the employee’s payslip.

Fully integrated with other system modules and based on the WindowsTM Operating System the Absence Module combines control and management of absences, with tight security and point-and-click operation that is easy to use.

Key Features

  • Absence Categories
  • Absence Types & Reasons
  • OSP Qualifying Service and Entitlements
  • Infinite OSP Schemes per Company
  • OSP Calculations Fully Parameterised
  • Holiday Recording
  • Sickness Recording OSP
  • History / Benefit Reporting
  • Absence Trends
  • Integration with Payroll
  • Point-and-Click Operation
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Flexible Reporting Options
  • Graphical Display

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"Absence" is part of the Human Resources line of products, developed by ICS Computing.

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