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  • Use for Issuing and Tracking Purchase Orders when Perpetual Inventory is N/A
  • Use when Non-Accountants Need to Enter A/P Transactions
  • Simplifies Accounts Payable Processing
  • Extended Vendor Order Information for Purchase Orders
  • Print and Track Purchase Orders
  • Optional Purchase Order Online Approval Process
  • Manual Purchase Orders may be Entered and Tracked
  • Direct Purchases may be Entered for Invoice Matching
  • Entry of Invoices without Receivers
  • Option to Track Expense by Equipment Item
  • Option to Track Expenses Billable Back to Customers
  • Exception Receiver Entry
  • Invoice Match-Up Entry
  • Remote Site Entry Option
  • Period-End Accrued Expense Option (Cost Incurred but No Invoice Yet) (Speed-Up Issuance of Valid Financial Statements)
  • Budgetary Control for Entities Subject to Budgetary Control
  • Encumbrance Tracking by Budget Year
  • Optional Real-Time G/L Interface to Monitor Commitments
  • Allow or Disable Entry of Items when Cost will Exceed Remaining Budget
  • History in every Direction