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  • Organize Properties by Type Groups & Sub-Codes for Analysis
  • Optional Additional User-Defined Property Classifications
  • Permanent Property-ID Cross-Referenced to Property Tax-ID
  • Property Address Entered in Format that Facilitates Look-Up by Address
  • Separate Route-Book-Read Sequence Number for Manual Reads
  • Customer File to Identify Parties to Bill and Owners
  • Track Property Owner whether Billed for Usage or Not
  • Track Multiple Billing Units for a Property (Apartments)
  • Track Meter Types & Serial Numbers per Unit Including Installation Date
  • Assign Bill-To Customer to Property/Unit/Meter
  • Variable Turn-Off Control per Customer/Meter
  • Deposit Tracking
  • Customer Alternate Notifications/Relationships
  • Flexible Entry and Generation of Other Non-Meter Charges/Property
  • Trail of All Changes in Billable Customers and Meters
  • Manual Entry from Meter Reads with Online Reasonableness Tests
  • Import from Meter Reading Devices with Edit/Validation Routines
  • Automatic Conversion of Read Units to Billing Units
  • Seasonal Averaging and Various Charge Variations Accommodated
  • Optional Billing Cycle Codes
  • Business-Like A/R Aging Reports by Customer & Property
  • Flexible Penalty Processing
  • Efficient Cash Receipts Entry that also Allows Non-A/R Cash Entry
  • Cash Receipts Entry also Handles a Multitude of Adjustment Transactions
  • Print Turnoff Warning Notices
  • Multiple Approaches to Handling Inter-Funds
  • Usage and Charge History you can Trust and Use - Unlimited Number of Periods
  • Meter Reads
  • Usage Billed
  • Sales/Billing by Property/Charge Type-Code/Customer
  • Ability to Reprint a Billing from History
  • Cash Receipts and Adjustment Unlimited History by Customer/Property/Type
  • Event Tracking with Unlimited Notes

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Municipal Utility Billing System:

"Municipal Utility Billing System" is part of the ICommander Accounting Software line of products, developed by ICommander.