Is ICommander Accounting Software right for your business?

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  • Adapt to ANY Type and Size of Entity
  • Up to 5 Account Number Components with 1 to 6 Digits
  • Only Enter Account Number Components Defined
  • Unused Components and Digits Reserved to Allow for Growth and Change
  • Background Validation of Account Number Components
  • Background Standard and Alternate Grouping of Account Number Components
  • Background Codes Enable Short Account Numbers to Represent MANY Groupings
  • Built-In Report Generation Facility—No Need for Separate Report Writer
  • No Interim or Year-End Period-End Restrictions
  • A Full Year to Finish Prior Year JE’s
  • Automatic Roll Forward of Prior Year JE’s to Current Year
  • Alternate Fiscal Years for Calendar Year or Grant Reporting
  • Up to 99 Years of VALID Comparative Monthly History
  • Print Reports on Any Year(s) in History
  • Chart Rearrange Function
  • Individual Account Redirection Option for Selected Reports
  • Financial Reporting beyond Belief
  • Batch Reporting Facility Makes it Simple
  • Consolidated/Combined Reporting for ANY Entity Type
  • Balancing of Every Year and Period is ALWAYS Proved
  • No Period Restrictions on Interfacing
  • Automatic Creation of CEPI-FID files for Schools