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ICommander is a well-proven legacy system with initial use dating back to the mid-1980’s. It was conceived by a CPA with several years of experience with auditing, accounting, and management consulting in various industries. It seemed that a system that fully met user needs with strong accounting controls and the adaptability to enable it to be used for many years did not exist.

ICommander Corporation itself was formed in 2001. ICommander development, marketing and support prior to that was a part of the local CPA firm in which the primary ICommander developer continues to be an active owner and practicing CPA. Complications with CPA firms operating in states in which they are not licensed led to transfer of ICommander operations to a separate corporation.

Early mini-computers and unix systems used dumb terminals to access and use programs, including ICommander. The operational requirements for handling shared use of data files and programs have not changed much sine then. It was simpler before local area networks started to become common and later on wide area networks for the Internet. The simplicity related to the dedication of computers to mundane tasks like accounting. Now they are used for all types of applications and computerized accounting is still not a “fun” application.

The legacy of ICommander dating back to the early days brings today’s users an extremely strong set of accounting packages. The developer saw the commonality of needs for most entities and managed to design the systems so they could be tailored to the needs of each type. Accounting data entry is a continuous process where speed of entry is critical. The developer worked diligently to design entry processes that provided an entry rhythm that enables the rapid entry of high volumes of transactions. At the same time, ICommander accommodated the needs of new and occasional users to gradually work their way through sometimes complex processes.

As Microsoft Windows systems seemed to take over the world and make the rules about how entry screens should work, ICommander’s developer resisted the path taken by many other software developers. There were too many efficiencies and benefits that would be lost by converting to a typical Windows interface. The core of ICommander has its roots in its original design. Many other systems were rewritten completely for Windows and lost much of their original capabilities and functionality in exchange for functioning the “Window’s Way”.

ICommander has been able to preserve all the well-proven advantages of its heritage while at the same time converting to function in a graphical environment. ICommander uses the tools provided by the graphical environment to add to its power, not diminish it.

Use of ICommander on a Red Hat Linux Server and using the Anziowin Terminal Emulation and Printing Software enables use of the mouse when it is efficient to do so. Copy and paste is definitely useful in many areas as are the abilities to display and print graphically when needed. Integration of ICommander with an Intranet on Red Hat Linux Servers extends the benefits of the graphical environment and facilities making ICommander data available to managers and others who are willing to use their browser and Adobe Acrobat reader but not willing to learn how to navigate ICommander itself.

ICommander has benefited immensely from the increase in speed and disk capacity available on today’s computers. The processing speed is amazing as its efficient program design enables ICommander to run faster and faster as processor and fixed disk speeds increase. As program size limits effectively disappeared and many worries about filling up a disk with accounting data went away, many of the core applications were modified to take advantage of the changes.

Many new functions have been added to ICommander that extend its usefulness beyond the powerful and well-proven accounting applications. These have been implemented in a manner that adds no overhead to the core accounting functions. There are only gains in what ICommander can do for you with no losses in efficiency with those same mundane, but extremely important, accounting tasks that still need to be done.

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