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A developer of business management software.

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Iciniti Corporation is a privately held company that has provided quality solutions to mid-sized companies for over 12 years. Since 1997, Iciniti has focused on developing Iciniti Enterprise

  • its flagship Java/XML-based software product and has offered powerful, integrated e-Business solutions based on this technology. Our clients and partners have benefited not only by improving their bottom line, but also by having access to Iciniti’s proven track record of excellence in product development & customer service.

Using Iciniti Enterprise; mid-market companies can pursue e-Business enablement in small & manageable steps. Moreover, applications based on Iciniti Enterprise have pre-packaged integration, in real-time, to back-office systems. Iciniti Enterprise delivers these benefits, and much more, through a unique, highly flexible architecture that is divided in two parts:

A robust central e-Business platform that connects their back-office systems & provides a unified view of the data within for all company stakeholders, whether they be employees, customers, suppliers and other external partners Plug ‘n’ Play e-Business applications that a company may purchase and install over time, all using the same platform.

With Iciniti Enterprise™, a company may gain a quick, affordable entry to e-Business enablement, but their participation can be expanded or upgraded easily…at short notice!! Companies around the world have chosen e-Business solutions based on this technology.

But Iciniti’s reputation is also based on the strength of its service. Through the professional services that accompany an Iciniti Enterprise™ e-Business solution, our clients have access to a unique implementation methodology and world-class technical expertise & support. Iciniti’s capabilities are further reinforced by the strong relationships it has with its technology and business partners.

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  • e-Comm Suite

    An e-commerce application designed by Iciniti.

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