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ICAN Software

A developer of business management software.

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Our consulting team focuses on providing end-to-end business solutions and service to our clients in the Pacific NW through up front process and infrastructure analysis, software and hardware evaluation, implementation, training and ongoing support, as well as custom development to meet unique business processes.

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Business Solutions Partner, we match appropriate business solutions with your organization’s needs. We can analyze your current software and technology systems, business practices and the factors that make your business unique, then propose an integrated software/technology solution that will make your business more efficient and profitable.

Our team of experts can train your personnel individually and in groups, ensuring that everyone knows how to use the new system. By the time we’re finished, your team will be confident using your new Business Management system. When out-of-the-box applications fall short of your needs, our developers can bridge the gap to complete your vision with powerful integration tools or custom software designed to your specifications.

We have achieved success by giving our clients the confidence they need to grow and excel. We consider ourselves more than just a solutions provider; we strive to become the technology partner of the businesses we work with. We gauge our success by the confidence we can bring to your enterprise — confidence you can feel, confidence your customers can see. It’s how we’ve built our company, and how we plan to keep growing it.

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