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Bookmaster’s automated publishing software gives you better control over your entire publishing process and allows you to control and monitor your publishing financials. This software will, through its modules allow you to assess the viability of your publishing plans quickly and easily. This solution is part of the same Bookmaster Enterprise Management system, making Bookmaster easier and more economical to implement. Modules within this Bookmaster application include:

  • Book Academic Adoptions - If you sell to educational institutions this module is the perfect fit for you. It allows you to easily track the activity of your representatives, analyze adoptions, enrollments, and competitive periods. Academic adoption results include information on: Courses, Institutions & Campuses, Lecturers, Related Book Stores and Schools. Additionally, this module will ensure that when a course adopts a book the related book store has sufficient copies on hand. This module will allow you to:
    • forecast total sales and compare results to actuals
    • forecast and report on adoptions
    • order or manage sample or gratis copies
    • plan sales representative calls
    • record competitive information
    • track enrollments
  • Book Editorial Production - This module uses your business rules to direct its actions. It can be used for non-book items (eg CDs, videos, web sites, e-books) as well as traditional books. This module will allow you to compare your actual costs with pre-publication estimates and budgets to provide a true profit and loss for each title. Some of the benefits of this module include:
    • Automates many of your processes
    • Extensive management information
    • Greater profitability, thanks to automation and more accurate profit and loss and break even estimates
    • Increased ability to meet forecast publishing dates
    • Increased shareholder value
    • Use templates to rapidly setup a project
  • Book Royalty Management - This module automates the payment of even the most complicated rights and royalty provisions. Some of the features of this module include:
    • Supports Advances
    • Contains flexible royalties calculations
    • Interface to Accounts Payable and General Ledger
    • Permission / Subsidiary Rights
    • Recording and Maintenance of Royalty Contracts
    • Royalty Statements/Remittances
    • Supports Stepped/Rising Royalties
    • Allows you to define the sales extraction
    • Some of the benefits of this module are:
      • Allows you to easily view on-screen information that will assist in improving the decision-making process for queries relating to royalty payments
      • Define processes according to your own business rules
      • Pro-actively manage the Royalties area of the business
      • Better manage timely payment of royalties
      • Enhance author/payee relationships
      • Ensure you are not overpaying royalties
      • Give you maximum flexibility to define and change Royalty contracts
      • Manage and monitor your financials with minimum effort
      • Provide accurate data on sales movements for particular ISBNs
      • Automated adjustment of royalty payments
      • Streamline the operational tasks involved in royalty management
  • Subscription Management - This module is met to meet the needs of journal and loose-leaf publishers, publishing books, CD-ROM, on-line services and other products. This module uses demographic data to perform trend management and analysis. Because it is fully integrated with the other Bookmaster modules it provides a robust and comprehensive solution to all aspects of subscriptions, from processing through fulfillment, stock management, debt collection and financial and marketing analysis. This module also feature extensive marketing analysis, allowing you to track buyer behavior and identify potential cross selling opportunities.

Other Applications

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  • Book Business Intelligence Software
  • Book CRM Software
  • Book e-Commerce Software
  • Book Inventory Management

"Book Publishing Software" is part of the Bookmaster line of products, developed by IBS Americas.