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The Book CRM Software module is actually part of the Book Business Intelligence software offering, which is part of Bookmaster. This module allows you to manage your customer interactions in a central location. This will help you win and retain customers, in-turn generating a constant stream of profits. The CRM module allows you to define prospect/customer information according to your company’s requirements. It does this by allowing the creation of fields, defined by you, throughout the entire system; allowing you to create your own demographic definitions, profiles, customer/prospect interactions, customer/prospect grouping, turnover, size, territory, status, type, and much more.

This module will store all applicable contact information from an organization, such as transaction history, contacts, delivery address, billing address, etc. Contact Management also allows you to define more detailed information about specific individuals you deal with in your customer’s organization from name, phone number to personal information and even photographs. The Activity Management functions will track all activities you have with a customer. Finally, this module will aid in your campaign management and direct marketing efforts by providing you with a tool to increase market share by targeting specific prospects or customers. Some of the key features of this module include:

  • Gain access to objects by contact (e.g. manuscripts, photographs, websites, etc.)
  • Activity management
  • Additional customer information (e.g. birthday, interests, name of spouse, role, etc.)
  • Back and forward orders
  • Customer contacts
  • Customer master details
  • Customer transactions
  • Account/order/delivery information
  • Activity tracking
  • Activity planning
  • Communication management
  • Problem resolution and management
  • Campaign generation and management
  • Cost management
  • Extensive buying history
  • Flexible list selection (by customer, by product, by previous campaign results, by order, etc.)
  • Hierarchical interest codes
  • Import, export, merge lists
  • Integration with order processing
  • List generation and management
  • Opportunity register
  • Sampling (nth selection)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Book CRM Software:

"Book CRM Software" is part of the Bookmaster line of products, developed by IBS Americas.