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The Book Business Intelligence Software will allow you to bring together massive amounts of data, in otherwise disparate systems and departments. It will also allow you to easily gather related data and turn it into useful information. This product is an add-on product for Bookmaster, and can help you unlock the hidden value stored within it.

Book Business Intelligence Software comes with over 175 pre-defined report templates. Each template can be edited to fit your specific needs, and saved for future use. Book Business Intelligence Software will allow you to analyze your: debtors, deferred accounts, financial management, inventory, sales, and subscriptions. Some of the trends and contributions you can analyze include:

  • Achievement against budget
  • Discount analysis
  • Front list/back list contribution
  • Market Share
  • New release contribution
  • Price trends
  • Profit net of rebates
  • Returns aging
  • Returns contribution
  • Sales & gross margin contribution
  • Sales & gross margin trends
  • Sales by rep by ISBN
  • Stock turns
  • Supply ratios

Bookmaster Business Intelligence Software provides a higher level of information accessibility and manipulation, by providing you with quantifiable results, with which to make future decisions. Since you are given the ability to analyze various areas of your company you will be able to optimize revenue, increase product and customer profitability, boost market share, maximize sales and increase turnover. Bookmaster Business Intelligence Software incorporates a data warehouse. The transactional information is extracted from the Bookmaster ERP system and imported into the data warehouse which is designed for easy analysis. Finally, Book Business Intelligence Software will give you the ability to:

  • Perform intuitive ‘what-if’ analysis and get immediate results
  • Change views to see information in a format that suits you
  • Drill anywhere (down, up or across) for more details to pinpoint problems
  • Use ‘traffic lights’ to highlight exceptions and areas of concern
  • Filter out irrelevant or unwanted information
  • Display the top or bottom ‘N’ in any column (eg, top 20 customers by return rates)
  • Save your own analysis for future use
  • Automatically post your results on the Internet
  • Choose from many types of graphical displays (eg, bar charts, pie charts, etc)
  • Export your results to Excel, Access, etc
  • Add columns as required (whether data, description or calculated fields)
  • Perform two dimensional analysis (ie, cross-tab analysis)
  • Use multi-level reporting (9 levels)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Book Business Intelligence Software:

"Book Business Intelligence Software" is part of the Bookmaster line of products, developed by IBS Americas.