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A developer of business management software.

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At the start, we were just a few frustrated mates with an idea…

Really, frustration was what got us here in the first place. Back in 2000, we were a small group of finance and IT professionals brassed off by our own inflexible ERP systems. We knew we had to create something better – for everyone. So we’ve set out to drive better business performance ever since.

Hubble is a unique performance management solution that helps companies drive and grow their organization. We do this by helping companies better understand, manage, and predict their business through real-time reporting, analytics and planning.

Hubble came about through working with customers who were hugely frustrated with their ERP systems. Systems like JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite can be inflexible and clunky, making it very difficult to produce reports, create ad-hoc inquires, run analysis, create budgets, forecasts, and more. This inability to access information impacts customer’s productivity, lowers their confidence in data, and creates enormous lag time. We call this “hidden taxes,” and believe it or not, they can affect up to 90% of business performance!

Hubble is built on a simple principle: we never break the link with the ERP. This makes users’ lives easier by giving them easy access to their business information—whenever they need it. In turn, this makes processes like reporting, analytics, and planning fast and easy.

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  • Hubble

    A cloud-based business intelligence program.

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