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HR Services

A developer of business management software.

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HR Services, Inc. opened the doors for business in 1993 providing Human Resource services and specialized in large scale hiring projects. Realizing there was a need for an automated prescreening solution, HR Services decided to create a robust solution to meet the staffing industry needs.

With over 37,000 users on the myStaffingPro software, HR Services, has many installations under their belt and they understand what you are looking for.

From the beginning, you will work with a Client Services Manager who will help you identify your hiring process. They will then help design your application in a manner that is conducive to your organization’s needs.

As a web-based solution, your updates are automatic; no need to download or spend time configuring updates.


  • Help Files-you have access to an online database of help files
  • Free Telephone support-telephone support to all users at no additional cost
  • Ongoing Training-live training or training at your leisure
  • Live chat support

myStaffingPro is an ASP system utilizing the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) concept. All new updates and enhancements are uploaded to the site which means you don’t need to worry about updating your systems.

The site is secure using 128 bit encryption and a Secure Server Certification Authority. All information is stored on a database server that resides behind a firewall (not on the Internet).

  • 99% uptime since it’s inception
  • HR Services has invested millions of dollars to ensure a secure environment
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring of systems
  • Unlimited Capacity

Product Lines

  • myStaffingPro

    A web-based software system designed by HR Services.

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