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Hotel Computers & Services

A developer of business management software designed for the hospitality industry.

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This company is no longer in operation and their software is no longer sold or supported. Other recommended hotel and financial management software options include: Smart Hotel, Hospitality Back Office Accounting, and ASI FrontDesk.

Hotel Computers has been providing INNtime customized software to the hospitality industry since 1982.

We provide a full featured accounting package specifically designed for the hospitality industry. All modules including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll are multi-property and multi-user with a security system that provides encrypted password levels by task.

INNtime has been implemented for hotel management companies with as few as 46 rooms to over 6300 rooms.

The system is very, very user friendly and reliable. The reason our customers choose us and stay with us is because our employees who write and install the system are the same employees who support it.

We have worked in hotels and we understand the challenges. We provide real help, everyday, 24x7 with a 15 minute or less response time.

As we are the developers of the entire INNtime product line, we can provide customized programming at a very reasonable cost. We realize that every hotel and management company has special needs and we can and will fulfill those needs.

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