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Shop Floor Control provides various work center and capacity planning tools. Work order status and capacity required to complete is available from production and sales order drill downs. There will be auto generation of outsourced vendor purchase orders and ability to track outsourced materials with expected return date. Able to move a production along a predetermined routing schedule where material, labor and overhead standard or actual costs are accessed for real time cost roll up to the GL or auto application to WIP GL accounts.

Small and mid-size manufacturing organizations struggle everyday to ship products on time and complete to their customers. Their desire to meet the needs of their customers in a timely and cost effective manner can sometimes allow them to overwhelm their own staff with more work or commitments than the production processes can support. The Shop Floor Control module from Horizons Manufacturing gives these businesses the opportunity to use a low cost, easy maintenance scheduling tool to help them identify bottlenecks, collect real time production data and address rescheduling needs from an easy to use graphical scheduling window.

The Shop Floor Scheduling module supports forward, backward and mid stream scheduling in an infinite capacity model. The user determines the rescheduling needs and adjusts priorities as shop floor constraints and customer requirements change. The visual scheduling tool uses color coded blocks to quickly and clearly identify bottlenecks and available capacity. As production events proceed, time spent, quantities completed or rejected and the status of the order are updated on the shop floor providing sales, customer service and management with detailed performance data. Information to quickly respond to customer requests and to forecast completion performance is easily and accurately available. Constant updating of real time costs provides easy to understand comparison of actual to expected costs, helping to maintain budget priorities and overall job cost control.

Manage Production Activities More Efficiently

  • Uses Work Center Load Report to identify by work center, date, order and step required operations with time remaining to complete
  • Provides Priority Flag to identify hot orders
  • Indicates current status for management and customer information with “per operation” step status code
  • Identifies available hours and work days with Shop Calendar Cost Activities With Greater Accuracy
  • Ties operations to cost centers for product costing
  • User may apply non-material service costs to relevant work orders from Purchase Orders
  • Quickly identifies cost or other performance issues with Production Activity, Production Distribution, and Router Variance reports Easily Collect Activity and Cost Information
  • Supports easy data entry with Bar Code Traveler
  • Reduces transaction load by focusing Data Collection on a subset of required operations Level Load or Prioritize Activities
  • Supports stretching or compressing schedule times with capacity factors
  • Easily identifies Wait, Queue, or Move operations for removal or modification of total traveler times
  • Maximizes use of shop floor resources per traveler with Add, Delete, or Change operations

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