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Item Price Matrix (IPM) is an advanced pricing schedule system for Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing, designed to enhance the current pricing schedule.

IPM will benefit companies that need the ability to base pricing on combinations of criteria, not just simple items and price levels.

IPM provides enhanced pricing methods such as volume pricing based on quantity, weight or dollars; contract pricing; and promotional pricing.

IPM will improve the accuracy and flexibility of pricing for any sales organization that needs advanced pricing capability beyond what is offered in Microsoft Dynamics GP or Advanced Pricing.

Import or Mass Create Flexible Pricing for Sales Order Processing

  • Fourteen price assignment types
  • Nine discount methods
  • Volume pricing capability
  • Multiple pricing available for same customer

Manage Pricing With Fewer Errors in Less Time

  • Be confident that prices are correct when reviewing and setting prices
  • No manual calculating or looking up prices on a spreadsheet

Automatically Calculate Pricing for Many Scenarios

  • Calculate a set of prices for customers in a certain zip code or city and another set for a different location
  • Give a promotional discount for all customers, or only a select group, based on their quantity volume of a particular product line, on overall sales numbers, or both
  • Prepare a promotion ahead of time and have pricing automatically apply and expire
  • Put a blanket purchase contract into effect for one or many customers, and notify sales order entry personnel when it has expired
  • Apply extra discounts to specific customers when large volumes are ordered at once

In tough competitive selling environments, you need to be flexible and responsive to the market. This usually requires having a number of pricing strategies in place at one time. IPM is designed to give the flexibility to stay ahead of the competition. IPM is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing and Inventory Control.

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"Item Pricing Matrix" is part of the Horizons Manufacturing Suite line of products, developed by Horizons International.

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