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The Horizons Quality Management System module from Horizons International is designed to support manufacturers in collecting and measuring their quality performance data throughout their manufacturing operations so that it is accessible for analysis and reporting in a timely manner.

Materials and environmental data values can be defined and recorded, ensuring that this module serves the complete needs of the manufacturing quality process from purchase materials receipts through customer returned materials and all levels of manufacturing activity. Data is recorded against a defined test id which can be multi-valued if a data value is required for each item. The tests can also be applied on a sample size or total pass/fail basis. Multiple tests can be linked for a single inspection event, creating greater levels of efficiency and reducing data setup and management costs. Acceptable test results are based on item criteria rules that are version controlled to support process improvement goals.

Data is maintained in the SQL database allowing users to continue to report and analyze performance with existing tools, including excel, ensuring that data is concurrently available to all members of the quality and manufacturing team. Full audit trail functionality supports traceability and changes.

  • Reduce compliance costs by quickly recording test values for environmental requirements (temperature, moisture content, etc.) or for products (height, weight, silicon %, etc.) during your manufacturing process.
  • Efficiently manage QA processes with tests linked to items, processes or places in your manufacturing environment.
  • Achieve faster process improvements by monitoring corrective action based on real time recording of data.
  • Minimize overhead costs of quality by reusing test instructions while defining item specific conformance requirements.
  • More rapidly meet and manage customer specifications for quality with version control of acceptable item criteria.
  • Cost effectively improve accuracy and reach of traceability by attaching batch control numbers to serial numbers for lot processes.
  • Support cost optimization in blending processes with expanded lot attributes.
  • Reduce user licensing with .Net application that helps make everyone a member of the Quality Team.
  • Reduce cost of providing customer related Quality data by eliminating need to transcribe and update values from paper records.

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