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hZ Configurator® from Horizons International, Inc. functions with the Microsoft Dynamics GP® accounting software system. hZ Configurator has the same look and feel as the Dynamics GP product as both are written in the same Dexterity® language.

hZ Configurator is designed to link to the Sales Order, Purchase Order and Inventory modules (for the distribution industry) and Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) (for the make-to-order manufacturers).

Customize the make-up of sales items and manufactured items to meet client expectations with this highly flexible program. Features include:

  • Create Kits for Sales Orders, Bills of Material for Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS), Work Orders for HMS; any combination at the same time.
  • Rules based Dependencies and Exclusions (Constraints) create system driven paths along which selections are made.
  • Minimum/Maximum quantities
  • Use the hZ Configurator to Quote prices to customers.
  • The hZ Configurator uses a graphical Tree view format for maximum ease of use.
  • Items are selected with a simple double click.
  • Include total manufacturing costs so appropriate price quotes can be made to the customer.
  • Various Pricing methods for quoting and estimating.

The Unit price of the Sales Order item can be List Price plus options or plus items selected from the hZ Configurator, a roll-up of selected items only, or a markup of the rolled-up cost per customer or customer class.

For the Distribution industry: Procedure can be as simple as producing a price for quoting a configuration on a stock sales item, or as powerful as creating a kit or pulling in a preset kit components and auto-creating a vendor’s purchase order. Additionally, an entire non-inventory database can be set up and used for auto creation of purchase orders.

hZ Configurator Highlights

Companies that assemble or make to order custom items will enjoy tremendous cost savings from the efficiencies and ease of use of hZ Configurator. This tool can be used for quoting, estimating, sales order item specification, bills of materials and work order creation in the Dynamics GP environment.

As a rules and options based tool, the functionality in Configurator helps businesses reduce specification errors by providing a standardized process for product definition. Cost and overhead associated with communicating precise specifications to assembly and shipping areas are reduced with the elimination of duplicate entry into multiple systems as there is complete integration with Purchasing, Routing and Shop Floor Functions. Unique needs for special orders can be cost-effectively handled with the creation of a database of non-inventory items for one-off or single-use applications. Pricing based on items, customers, or expected costs can be calculated and reviewed quickly as specification details change to provide quick, accurate responses to customers and improve service levels. Accurate materials needs, cost collection and performance planning can be achieved by deploying hZ Configurator with our complete set of manufacturing modules.

Control Pricing & Sales Configurations

  • Set restrictions and functions for consistent item selections and pricing configurations
  • Avoid mistakes or forgotten order elements
  • Follow a standardized process for quoting, order transfer and invoicing
  • Easily create and maintain purchase orders specific to each sales order
  • Manage quotes, changes to products, and purchasing of assembled products from one window
  • See all costs and sales prices adjusted as selections are made
  • Use configurations repeatedly

Improve Efficiency of Estimating and Quoting Processes

  • Specific instructions can be printed or attached to ensure accurate direction of shop floor or shipping personnel without the need for duplicate entry in multiple systems
  • Provide multiple estimates for adjusted run rates with EBQ (economic build quantity)
  • Quickly compare plan to actual performance upon job

Integrates with Horizons Manufacturing Suite

  • Create Bills of Materials and/or Work Orders and Routings that are tied directly to the Sales Order
  • Estimate non materials costs and times prior to order release and effectively manage customer delivery expectations
  • Plan materials and capacity needs with MRP and Shop Floor Scheduling to improve cash flow and utilization
  • Collect and record actual production costs for use in future pricing strategies

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"Configurator" is part of the Horizons Manufacturing Suite line of products, developed by Horizons International.

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