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Bill of Materials with Production (BOM)- including Indented Bill of Materials as well as viewing bills via the Tree View, (like MS Explore), advanced Copy, Replace and Delete capabilities, Phantom BOMs, Standard Labor/Overhead, Actual Time entry, Variances, automatic Sales Orders to Work Orders, and disassembly of completed work orders. Handles both discrete and process manufacturing.

Successful manufacturing activity requires accurate Bills of Material. Accuracy impacts inventory levels, ensures consistent quality, and identifies the profitability of the company’s activities. Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) BOM & Production Entry module provides all the material requirement needs for daily production of small and mid-sized manufacturers operating in batch, mixed mode and discrete environments.

Solve Complex Calculations

  • Supports calculation of costs that include a variety of labor and overhead calculations
  • Combines calculations for lot sizing, formula scalability, and expected scrap levels
  • Provides standard costing, actual costing, and hybrid costing (where there is a mix of actual and standard cost in the production process)

Expand Usability Across Manufacturing Team

  • Uses Windows to apply details (e.g. reference designators, defined alternate approved materials, manufacturer part numbers and sequencing for materials) in a single process
  • Creates similar bills across a product line with limited effort and expense using copy functionality
  • Includes floorstock items for planning and costing purposes while they are consumed in production, not requiring picking or issuing
  • Supports phantom sub-assemblies in both the BOM and Production environments
  • Increase Ease of Use with Graphical Windows
  • Provides tree views of unlimited multi-level BOMs and drag and drop graphical tools for new BOM creation, making the transition to an integrated financial and manufacturing product easier for the user to execute
  • Keeps unlimited versions or recipes of each BOM for quality control and regulatory requirements when the tools of this BOM & PE module are combined with the ECO module

Gain Simple Methods to Plan & Prioritize

  • Allows users to create work orders by final end quantity or on full or partial batch multipliers
  • Calculates finish dates for production with start dates, offset from customer ship dates to allow for package prep and ship
  • Automates the planning and purchasing of materials with these dates using the MRP module later
  • Applies all charges of production, including non-material costs (eg. out source services, labor, overhead), to the work order to ensure accurate total costs Meet Demands of Highly Flexible Environments
  • Allows users to easily add, change or delete the components required for any work order where changes are frequent
  • Completes work orders on a full or partial basis using backflushing processes
  • Marks to automatically return over-issued or non-consumed materials to their point of issue
  • Reduces transaction steps necessary for accurate inventory and financial control by allowing disposal of rejected parents and component items from within a work order
  • Identifies and returns by-products to stock while scrap values can be expensed to produced items or expense accounts
  • Creates multiple work order types including reverse (multiple end items from limited components) and custom

Keep Transaction Costs Low Using Multiple Tools

  • Setups on a per item basis guide the system to initiate new work orders as a result of Sales Order entry
  • Generates and combines new work orders on a single work order to specifically match a sales order and line number of quantities for multiple orders of the same item
  • Determines the current status of production using work order headers containing user defined codes to help customer service and sales
  • Distributes finished goods to multiple locations during work order close processes,reducing the need for additional inventory transfer activities
  • Combines multiple work orders in a single batch to improve efficiency of material picking and issuing activities for end of process closing or to tie them to a single job

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"Bill of Materials with Production (BOM)" is part of the Horizons Manufacturing Suite line of products, developed by Horizons International.

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