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Horizon Software

A developer of business management software.

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Horizon Software is a Manufacturing Information Technology company offering Software, consulting, programming assistance technical support and training. The premier product is MRP Plus, a premier ERP business solution designed for deployment in small to medium size organization.

MRP Plus is unique in that it offers the power of business solutions in the market at the high end, but is economical not only for initial acquisition, but implementation and on-going support are a fraction of the cost of many of the “so called” Small business solutions.

MRP Plus is written in an industry standard environment, running on Microsoft W9X, Windows NT, and 2000 platforms, along with utilizing the access dbms and available in Microsoft’s SQL environments. Direct links are incorporated into all of the applications to output to Microsoft’s Office products Excel and Word, as well as publishing in HTML format!

Horizon offers installation services as well as many training options including on-site training, traditional class room and web-based instructor led training.

Product Lines

  • MRP PLus

    A materials resource planning system designed by Horizon Software.

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    • MRP Plus Small Business Edition

      A materials resource planning system designed by Horizon Software for startups and small organizations.

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      Market Focus

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