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HighRadius Credit Cloud replaces a paper intensive credit management process with an electronic one to enable better credit portfolio and risk management and to quickly onboard new customers. A cloud-based credit management solution available in Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) Model, Credit Cloud is easy and cost-effective to deploy and maintain.

HighRadius Credit Cloud automates the credit management process, enabling credit managers to make quicker and more accurate decisions. This is done with four primary components, a configurable online credit application, data aggregation engine, collaborative workflow, and electronic storage and retrieval. Moving applications online simplifies the distribution process and eliminates omitted or incorrectly entered customer data. Backup data and decision inputs are automatically gathered and made readily available to review with the application and during periodic reviews. A collaboration platform drives efficient approval hierarchies and customer/internal notifications about credit decisions. Finally, file cabinets full of paper are eliminated, making retrieval easier and storage less expensive. The result is faster customer onboarding, better internal collaboration, higher customer satisfaction, more targeted periodic reviews, and lower credit risk across the company’s customer portfolio.

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"Credit" is part of the Receivables Cloud line of products, developed by HighRadius.

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