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HighRadius empowers corporations to modernize receivables in order to lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), minimize write-offs, and reduce operating expenses. We offer two product lines as well as implementation services. Receivables Cloud and Payments Cloud are SaaS-based solution suites that automate and improve cash application, invoicing, and credit, collections, and deductions management. HighRadius Accelerators are certified solutions for SAP that enhance the automation available in the Receivables Management modules and reside natively in the application. We provide the most highly specialized expertise in SAP Receivables Management (formerly FSCM) and offer services to implement or optimize each of its modules.

About the Company

Founded by a group of technology experts focused exclusively on accounts receivable, HighRadius builds innovative software products that modernize receivables management operations. The goal is to help A/R and credit departments adopt innovative processes supported by high levels of automation so they may become more strategic, more streamlined, and more successful. We operate on three core principles: to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of receivables solutions, to deliver concrete return on investment (ROI) and fast payback periods to our customers, and to provide innovative functionality to the market. HighRadius is trusted by some of the world’s largest corporations and is consistently named one of the fastest growing technology companies in Houston, where we are headquartered.

About Our Customers

Our products provide value to a wide range of customers and are especially relevant to industries like consumer products, manufacturing, distribution, energy, and others that sell products or provide a service to other businesses like retailers. Our customers range from some of the largest global corporations that run SAP and generate and collect on hundreds of thousands of invoices each day to mid-size enterprises that don’t have the IT resources to consolidate on an ERP platform but still want to streamline receivables processes.

Our Value

Efficiency and productivity enhancements are central to the value HighRadius provides to our customers. Regardless of what ERP or A/R system is in use, our products automate manually-intensive tasks, streamline communication, and allow standardization of processes to drive best practices into receivables organizations. We empower our customers to not only get paid faster and improve key metrics like Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) but also to improve accuracy in the receivables organization. Risk is reduced by accepting more accurate credit applications and accessing more timely financial data to make faster and better decisions about credit limits. Applying payments to invoices accurately and properly identifying deductions taken by customers is critical to audit performance and cash forecasting.

Inaccuracy in the cash application process can lead to slowdowns and problems throughout the entire receivables lifecycle. Customer satisfaction is enhanced by more accuracy in the way invoices, collections, and deductions are handled. These improvements all contribute to the exceptional return on investment that our customers experience and the very high level of repeat business they give us. 

Product Lines

  • Payments Cloud

    Cash application and electronic invoice presentment and payment software.

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    • Receivables Cloud

      A credit, collections, and deduction management application.

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      Market Focus

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