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No two organizations use the exam same process for generating orders or invoicing. The TrackMaster can set up your or order processing and/or billing and statement process to fit your organization like a glove. It can also track your posting of payments properly on those statements.

  • Statements and Invoices: You can send your statements to customers in any format you wish with the TrackMaster system. Statement can be sent by U.S. Mail or submitted to your customers electronically. We can do it the old and the new way.
  • Commissions: While sending out statements, commissions and other numbers can easily be tracked and report in a format of your choosing.
  • Recurring Billing: The TrackMaster can set up a way of sending statements out on a regular basis and can create a means for you to track all items that have not yet been billed.
  • Deferrals: Deferred revenue recognition is also a feature that can be a part of your system through the TrackMaster.
  • Numerous AR Accounts: If your organization serves numerous types of clients, the TrackMaster can track how much you are selling to different types of customers. The feature is installed in a way that requires minimal data entry.
  • Aging: Aging reports on all clientele are easily generated by the Trackmaster.
  • Past Due Accounts: If you have a standard policy and rate of charges for customers who have past due balances, the TrackMaster will automatically adjust their balances for with any surcharges and interest you may wish to charge them.
  • Audit Trails: There are ways of finding entry errors quickly by the audit trails we provide, but many new and custom audit trails can be installed at your request.

Other Applications

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"Accounts Receivable and Order Processing" is part of the TrackMaster Accounting Software line of products, developed by Herzog & Associates.

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