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Heron InterAct

A developer of business management software.

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Heron InterAct is a leading provider of integrated data warehousing solutions for institutional investment, asset management, insurance, financial services, accounting, and other industries. Our platforms provide comprehensive tools for data source capture, normalization, storage, retrieval, reporting, and integrated back-office tie-ins. Currently our solutions are meeting the needs of a variety of large organizations. Our proven approach gives you the optimized software tools along with industry subject matter expertise and professional services that net you a more efficient and accurate accounting, auditing, and reporting back-end operation. Additionally, Heron InterAct offers information technology products, services, and solutions to the Surety & Bond Agency industry along with our EzBond™ Agency Edition platform. Technical support for all products and solutions is provided by experts in advanced software technologies and specialists in financial and insurance agency applications.


Heron InterAct offers advanced software application engineering services based on a wealth of experience using current standards-based tools and architectures. We embrace the Agile Software Development Methodology giving our clients software products and services that better meet their specific needs while delivering on-time and on-budgets results. Our staff of financial, investment, asset management, and insurance industry subject matter experts brings their collective experience, expertise, and successes to your organizations’ projects. We project manage the entire deployment effort of our products and services from start to finish. When there is a need for unique integrations with your existing software platforms, we are available and skilled to meet your requirements. We specialize in configuring our systems to operate in your existing IT infrastructure and environment. Our rapid implementation process (RIP) provides you with the optimal project resources to complement your own team’s participation in the deployment of the DataYard™ & InterAct™ Data Warehouse solution, CrossTie™ General Ledger Connector, our other back-office investment and financial management modules, and our EzBond™ Agency Bond Management solution. Additionally, we can offer the following professional services:

  • Business continuity plan development
  • Technology Strategy facilitation
  • Technology search and evaluation project management
  • Information Technology Policy review / upgrade
  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and IT platform regulatory compliance
  • Enterprise-wide risk assessments
  • Complete Data Migration and Conversion Services
  • Education and Technical User Training Services
  • Specification and System Reviews

Serving the financial software industry since 1993 some of our clients include Ensign Peak Advisors and Deseret Trust Company both in Salt Lake City Utah, American Safety Insurance in Atlanta Georgia, ERC Frankona in Munich Germany, and Acstar Bonding Company in New Britain CT.

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