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HealthFusion, Inc.

A developer of business management software.

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HealthFusion develops Web-based, cloud computing software for physicians, hospitals, and medical billing services. HealthFusion solutions include MediTouch EHR (Electronic Health Record and Patient Portal), MediTouch PM (Practice Management), and its integrated Claims Clearinghouse. MediTouch EHR is iPad®-native and was designed for use on mobile tablets; it is optimized for use on the Apple® iPad’s browser. MediTouch EHR offers a unique array of features that facilitate adoption of EHR technology, including its mobile, Pure Cloud® platform, its cross-compatibility with traditional desktop, laptop, Windows® and Mac® hardware devices, and its affordable subscription payment model.

MediTouch EHR is Meaningful Use Certified, and is one of just a few EHR products that are fully integrated across the clinical, billing, clearinghouse, and patient portals; this integration affords users a hassle-free office computing experience. HealthFusion is dedicated to connecting health-care industry participants in the United States to reduce administrative costs, offer a superior customer service experience, and improve the overall quality of health care. Thousands of users throughout the country place their trust in HealthFusion and MediTouch on a daily basis. Health care is complicated; HealthFusion makes it easy.

Product Lines

  • Practice Management

    A web-based multi-module management system designed by HealthFusion, Inc. for health care & social services companies.

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