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HCI Systems

A developer of business management software.

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HCI Systems, Inc. is a national leader in technology-based facility management systems and solutions. HCI clients represent a broad array of industries who maintain significant value in physical property, buildings, and fixed assets, including higher education, K-12 education,municipal and state government and corporations.

Drawing upon decades of facilities management and operations experience, HCI realized the essential components of an effective facility operations effort are comprehensive knowledge about the facilities and assets, supported by effective processes. Integrating proven operational processes with state-of-the-art software, HCI introduced its IPM solution in 1997. In 1999, the fourth major revision of the software was released and renamed Building BlocksTM, incorporating years of client feedback.

Organizations looking to improve their operational efficiencies as well as support critical strategic decision-making should look to HCI’s solution. HCI clients consistently confirm that their success comes as a direct result of the solution being asset-centric; having a central source for asset information around which they implement processes. The proven HCI methodology is designed to adapt to a variety of work flow models to and ultimately support a well-integrated best practice model. The speed with which customers become productive is a true testament to the short implementation time frame and genuine ease of use.

A variety of solutions exist in the market today. Property management software, for example, typically focuses on the financial aspects of real estate management; alternatively, facility and maintenance management software systems have tended to focus on their respective functions exclusively. While these point solutions do a good job of handling the functions for which they were designs, they are not effective as a complete solution for the overall effort of facility operations management.

HCI and their partners provide a complete range of services to maximize their clients’ productivity, from implementation planning, installation, training, and technical support to data collection, data entry and project support.

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