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HC Sharp Software

A developer of business management software.

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Serving the tax software industry has been the primary focus of the company since inception. Most revenue has come from various professional tax software applications including 1040 Review trade, the company’s flagship product. Tax professionals use this review aid to add value to their service, improve staff performance and quality control. Other products include Vermont Edition trade;, a product used to prepare complex business and individual tax returns in New England. Similar applications have been produced for Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island and primarily marketed through national tax software companies.

Founder - About Henry Sharp:

After studying engineering at MIT, Henry started, operated and sold several successful businesses before founding Sharp Software in 1988. He is the author and creator of Vermont Edition, a standard tool for many CPA firms throughout New England. With an extensive background in business and tax consulting, Sharp has provided consulting services and written a number of custom applications in C/C++ for various accounting firms and national software publishers.

Product Lines

  • 1040 Review

    A multi-module management system designed by HC Sharp Software for accounting/legal/professional companies.

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