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HarrisData Accounts Payable provides financial managers with the tools to control cash expenditures. With these tools, financial managers can improve cash management and reduce effort.

Fast, Flexible Vouchers

  • Fast, easy voucher entry
  • Recurring vouchers
    • Installment plans
    • Scheduling flexibility
  • Fast one-time processing
    • Temporary vendors
    • Quick checks
  • Unlimited expense distribution
    • Up to 999 expense accounts
    • Current or future periods
    • Verification of distribution amount
    • Automatic creation of journal entries
  • Quickly search for specific vouchers
  • By name, address, vendor number, check number, invoice number, voucher number, phone number, or date
  • Void checks easily
  • Automatic or manual selection for payment
    • By bank and due date
    • Hold selected vouchers
    • Full or partial payment
    • Complete audit trails

Vendor Management

  • Comprehensive vendor information
    • Name & address
    • Contact information
    • Payment terms
    • Plus five user defined fields
  • Unlimited payment history
  • Open and paid vouchers by vendor
  • Vendor status
    • Hold vendors
  • Vendor type
    • Group vendors for analysis

Easy Check Processing

  • Computer generated or handwritten checks
  • Advanced print management
  • Easy bank reconciliation
  • Automatic reconciliation using bank file
  • Secured check printing

1099 Compliance

Facilitates compliance with Federal 1099 reporting requirements:

  • Manage Federal ID number and type
  • Create 1099 reports by vendor
  • Print 1099-MISC forms
  • Create magnetic media for filing
  • Extension of time request

Improved Cash Management

  • Cash Requirements report
  • Aging Analysis report
  • Based on invoice date or due date
  • User defined time periods

Comprehensive Reporting

A wide variety of standard reports are available within Account Payable, including:

  • Check Registers
    • All or selected banks
    • Detail or summary
  • Open/Recurring Voucher Lists
    • All, held, or selected for payment
  • Expense Distribution
    • By facility, vendor, or GL account
  • Vendor Lists
  • Vendor Purchase History
  • Period End Reconciliation
  • Bank/Check Reconciliation
    • Cleared checks
    • Outstanding checks

Other Applications

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"Accounts Payable" is part of the HarrisData Financials line of products, developed by HarrisData.

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