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HarrisData ERP

A web‑based ERP system designed by HarrisData for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.
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HarrisData’s ERP Manufacturing Software gives you all the features needed to construct an MRP2 environment. Multiple modules meet many needs and allow you to achieve several benefits; these benefits will include:

  • Activity Based Costing - cost eliminates defined by you with flexible allocation calculations allow you to perform activity based costing
  • Paperless Shop Floor - all actions can be done in a virtual environment, aiding in organization and reducing the confusion associated with having papers all over you shop. Types of tasks that can formerly done on paper that can now be done in a virtual environment are: Shop Floor Scheduling, Dispatch, Online job reporting, Barcode Control, and Data Collection.
  • Sophisticated Costing Ability - You are able to perform costing by using Standard Cost systems, Multiple Cost sets, unlimited, configurable or detailed cost elements as well as multiple cost views.
  • Variance Analysis - All critical information about your manufacturing processes are managed by HarrisData. This will provide you the foundation needed to achieve efficiency gains throughout the enterprise

All modules in this product fully integrate with HarrisData Financials. By integrating both systems you will automate the posting of transactions to the G/L. Additionally, integration can automate the tracking of receivables and payables.

Functionality Modules

Purchasing Managment To aid in procurement, the Purchasing Management module will automate the process of organizing vendor information, assessing purchasing requirements, and acquiring goods in…

Manufacturing Planning The manufacturing planning module will allow you to effectively plan manufacturing, allowing you to reduce inventories and capital requirements. This module will increase…

Order Management This module will allow you to provide excellent customer service by allowing your staff to more efficiently process and fulfill orders. Within this module you can store a…

Inventory Management The Inventory Management module will allow you to effectively track count, value and analyze your inventory. Inventory valuation can be performed in three ways: standard…

Production Management Production Management allows manufacturers to achieve never before seen detailed control over bills of materials and routing. This module also provides shop floor control,…

Cost Management The cost management module gives you many features that allow you to analyze the profitability of products, product lines, and customers. The result of the effective cost…

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