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A human resources management system designed by HarrisData.
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AppsInHD HRIS is a web based, cloud, hands-off HR/Payroll solution with pervasive automation using upfront rules configuration. The interactive aspect of AppsInHD HRIS eliminates complexity of processes by utilizing built in robots that work behind the scenes so you can work on other important tasks.

You can plan in advance, set calendars, feed the pay transactions and AppsInHD HRIS runs payroll. Paycheck recalculation on-demand eliminates need to do complete payroll re-runs and alerts allow you to inspect issues for better business management.

Connectedness to other applications is made simple through RESTful API’s allowing for seamless flow of information across your enterprise. Integrating outside applications to real-time data and processes within AppsInHD is as easy as mashing up a Google Map with store locations.

Streamlined Employee Lifecycle Management

  • Demographic information
  • Salary Administration
    • Position/Employee Rates
    • Effective/Expiration Rates
    • History of Pay Rates
  • Benefits Administration
    • Plan Years
    • Effective/Expiration Rates
    • Employee/Employer Costs
    • Enrollment
    • Spouse/Dependents
    • FSA Accounts/Claims/Statements
    • 401(k) Accounts
  • One-step Auto Garnishments
  • Education
  • Leave of Absence
  • Military Personnel
  • Skills and Competencies
  • Workflows for Reviews
  • SMS notification
  • FMLA
  • ACA Reporting
  • Changes automatically logged

Dependable Compliance

  • Auto Tax Calculations and Garnishments
  • Quarterly/Annual Reporting

Straightforward Organizational Configuration

  • Position Chart
  • GL Account Definitions
  • Benefit/Deduction rules
  • Paid Time Off accrual policies
  • Overtime/Double time rules
  • Local Tax configuration including EINs/Experience Rates
  • Effective/Expiration Dates
  • Hierarchical configuration reduces setup/maintenance

Modernized Payroll Management

  • Plan with Payroll Calendar
  • Control with Payroll Types
  • Manage through Payroll Statuses
  • Automatic recalculation of Paychecks
  • Integrated Payroll Drill Down Analysis
  • Easy import of Pay/Deductions information
  • Consolidate ACH from multiple Payrolls
  • Flexible check formats
  • Automatic generation of GL Feeds

Powerful Payroll Calculations

  • Pay Transactions
  • Auto Pay
  • Paid Time Off
  • Benefits/Deductions
  • Garnishments
  • Taxes
  • Net Pay

Robust What-if Scenarios

  • Sample Paycheck
  • Date-driven Calculations

AppsInHD Common Features

  • Easy Reporting/Data Access
    • List widgets
    • Exports
    • Integrated Reporting/Analysis/Dashboards
    • Standard reports available throughout
  • Web-style System Navigation
    • Application-wide Search
    • Custom Favorites
    • Integrated Links
  • My Workspace
    • Alerts provide current insight into important issues
    • Tasks provide list of assigned work
    • Notes facilitate improved communication
    • Guidelines allow incorporation of custom standard procedures
    • Payroll Calendar provides interactive view of future and past work

Employee Self Service (optional)

Functionality Modules

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