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For over three decades, HarrisData has provided mid market companies essential applications to run their business. Unlike other software development companies, HarrisData provides products and services that are so good, that it has been able to sustain a ninety-five percent retention rate of its clients. By realistically addressing Customer business requirements, HarrisData is the only Software Development Company that provides an “Omni License“ ensuring that the client will receive services that are unavailable from any other vendor.

HarrisData provides a 99-year license with ”unlimited“ quality support. Its applications include upgrades and version changes, unlimited user deployment, as well as the right to the source code. HarrisData also assures its customers that they have software transfer rights, unlimited document duplication capability, and most importantly, NO HIDDEN COSTS, audits or assessments.

HarrisData’s platform focuses on Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) including Financial, Distribution, and Manufacturing Management modules. HarrisData also provides Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) including Control Management, Supplier Self Service, and Vendor Managed Inventory. Its Manufacturing Execution Systems include Shop Floor Scheduling, Data Collection, and Time and Attendance. The Human Resource Information System module (HRIS) includes Employee & Management Self Service, Human Resource, Payroll, and Time and Attendance.

HarrisData’s suite of applications runs on IBM’s i-Series AS 400 platform. It is deployed on a browser based state-of-the-art configuration that allows users to “drill down” to any level of their business management processes to retrieve information that is not easily obtained in its competitor’s systems. The strength of this platform helps drive simplification of processes, reduction in operational costs, as well the elimination of unnecessary and redundant systems.

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