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PayForce is an inclusive, easy-to-use solution designed to support the payroll accounting and reporting, leave accounting, and personnel records of local government and utility authorities. The system can manage tax calculations for tax-deferred pay and deductions for taxable fringe benefits. Salary can be automatically distributed to different departments based on hours worked, percentage, or flat dollar amounts.

PayForce is user-friendly, allowing extensive flexibility through a variety of user-defined fields and options. Integrated with MicroFund, the system provides for distribution of pay, deductions, and benefits.


  • Accommodates multiple types of leave accrual and tracking
  • Allows mass update of pay rates, deductions, and benefit amounts
  • Accommodates both manual and voided checks
  • Multiple search options including employee and check history
  • Comprehensive history of employee payrolls and payroll checking accounts
  • Allows for multiple payroll frequencies
  • User-defined employee personnel information
  • Accommodates joint processing of salaried, contract, and hourly employees for as many as seven pay frequencies
  • Permits multiple pay rates and departmental accounting distributions per employee
  • Provides calculations and applicable deductions for federal, state, local, FICA, FUI, and SUI taxes
  • Allows additional withholdings per employee
  • Accommodates five different payroll frequencies for each payroll cycle
  • Pay rates can be categorized by departments or job class
  • Each employee can have up to 999 individual deductions and fringe benefits
  • Each category of pay can charge up to 99 different expense centers as well as individual capital projects
  • Payroll is processed on an ‘exception only’ basis, greatly reducing the amount of time required to prepare and run a payroll
  • The system allows for unlimited amount of deduction or benefits codes
  • W-2 information can be electronically transferred to meet new IRS MMREF requirements
  • Provides the ability to print a direct deposit payroll stub for employees as applicable
  • Integrated with a time & attendance system