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MicroFund™ is an inclusive, easy-to-use accounting tool designed to support the financial activities of local government and utility authorities. The system conforms to GAAFR requirements and addresses general ledger, budgeting, purchasing, accounts payable, and financial reporting regulations and needs.

The system is user-friendly, allowing extensive flexibility through user-defined fields. Its account number design allows the user to define the structure and content of the chart of accounts and customize the vendor information file. MicroFund also allows posting for any accounting period; past, present or future.


  • Comprehensive, detailed history for audit purposes
  • User defined set-up menus
  • Supports both cash or accrual accounting
  • Retains detailed history for each fiscal year
  • Utilizes a flexible, user defined chart of accounts
  • Administrative reporting by fund, department, or activity
  • Makes vendor searches easy with a “browse” feature
  • Allows check writing from multiple checking accounts and banks
  • Automatically creates the required inter fund transfer journal entries
  • Transactions can be posted to any past, current or future fiscal period
  • Administrative rights allow re opening of previous fiscal periods for posting.
  • Detailed and summary reports available
  • Allows for automatic encumbering and liquidation of purchase orders
  • Automatically generates next available transaction number
  • Online transaction balancing
  • Prints detailed journals prior to and after posting
  • Prevents duplicate entry of vendor invoices
  • Provides check reconciliation assistance
  • Supports all information for the 1099 Miscellaneous forms
  • Ability to list multiple vendor invoices on one voucher